A Rich Heritage

While Fred Neuman travelled around Australia during the 1950’s, selling jewellery for a Melbourne-based jeweller, he would purchase a beautiful piece of jewellery for his wife, Maria Neuman, each time.

This endearing act of love set the foundations for Fred and Maria’s first business, Carina Jewellers, which they opened in 1961 in Kings Cross, using the pieces Fred bought Maria as their collection.

Throughout the 1960’s and 1970’s Carina’s became a landmark store for those wishing to invest in unique pieces of jewellery. The store also had its share of high profile customers such as Elton John (not yet ‘sir’) who purchased a Diamond Heart Pendant for his future wife Renata as a Valentine’s Day gift.

In the late 1970’s the Neuman’s began importing and distributing some of the world’s most premium quality jewels to prestigious jewellers around the country. They fast became known for their supreme quality and unsurpassed reputation amongst the Australian jewellery industry.

Whilst wholesaling, Fred and Maria fell in love with the beauty of natural coloured diamonds. In 1993, Fred opened Mondial: Pink Diamond Gallery, in the Queen Victoria Building, Sydney. With a background in wholesaling, Fred was quick to establish strong ties with the Western Australian Argyle Diamond Mine, the largest producing pink diamond mine on the planet. Within no time, Mondial established itself as coloured diamond connoisseurs, with the largest selection of and knowledge about natural pink coloured diamonds in the country.

Today, Mondial remains a family business, just as it started out 50 years ago. Each family member brings a wealth of knowledge in jewellery design and diamonds. In addition to Fred’s years of wisdom, Fred’s son Michael co-manages the QVB store and is a gemologist, graduating from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in 1982, as well as a registered valuer and committee member of the NSW Branch of the Jewellers Association of Australia (JAA). Fred’s cousin Jacob has worked alongside him for the past 29 years. Initially from Vienna, he brings a European finesse and aesthetic to the direction of the QVB store.

Fred’s daughter, Nadia, is the head designer for Mondial and manages Fred’s most recent business venture, Mondial by Nadia Neuman, which launched in late 2009, in the Strand Arcade, Sydney.

Collectively, the family boasts over 100 years experience, meaning that customers receive the best expert advice when it comes to selecting and designing jewellery with natural coloured diamonds.