The Story Behind The Marriage Equality Ring

With the Marriage Equality Vote’s outcome soon to be announced, our Australian Marriage Equality Ring’s significance has never been more profound. Designed to show support and empower supporters of the Australian Marriage Equality cause, this ring has captured the hearts of Australians with its striking design and unique story.

We have been overwhelmed and humbled by the level of support this special ring has received from the Australian public since its launch in 2014, with a wide range of influential figures in the media, film, music and television industries being vocal supporters, including Dannii Minogue, Ruby Rose, Jessica Hart, Delta Goodrem, Rachael Taylor and many more.

As a family orientated business, the Mondial team wish to be apart of shaping a society where all couples have the right to stand as equals and marry their partner in their country of origin, if they wish. Thus, the Marriage Equality Campaign has been close to the heart of everyone at Mondial, as evident through our continued vocal advocacy and support for equality. It is out of this sentiment of hope and encouragement that the Australian Marriage Equality Ring was conceived.

“I strongly hope the outcome of this vote delivers our clients, myself and all other members of our society the opportunity stand as equals and be afforded the same rights as every other Australian. Everyone deserves to be treated equally by society and feel as if they are valued and accepted by their fellow citizens.” - Nadia Neuman

The Australian Marriage Equality Ring’s prominent outline features two hands forming a heart shape, emulating a sense of community, togetherness and support for one another. This symbol has become synonymous with the Australian Marriage Equality campaign, with countless couples flooding social media with images for their hands forming a heart shape.

“The initial development of the AME Ring was a natural initiative for us, and it has been amazing to see the support this ring has received and role it has played in the ongoing campaign for marriage equality.”– Nadia Neuman

The Australian Marriage Equality ring expresses support for the cause and has continued to drive discussion and support for marriage equality at this pivotal time in Australia’s history, serving as a precious reminder to current and future generations of the road travelled to achieve marriage equality here in Australia.